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Supporting women to heal with compassion and understanding

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Jodie has a unique ability to tap into your inner potential and provide guidance for personal growth and empowerment. By combining techniques such as tarot cards, tapping, and healing, she creates a transformative experience.

The online session was AMAZING as it provided a safe space because my emotions flowed freely! I much preferred this to face-to-face as I was BIG, fat, ugly crying but I was in my bedroom so it felt so cathartic and empowering and boy I didn't know how much I needed it.

With Jodie's support, I was able to address lingering feelings of self-doubt and never feeling good enough head-on. She helped guide me to overcome these obstacles and succeed in my entrepreneurial journey.

I cannot recommend Jodie and her work enough. I cannot wait for my next session.



Jodie was absolutely amazing, she was spot on with everything she said. I can't actually believe that she was so accurate in her reading. I am extremely happy with my reading and will definitely be recommending her to friends and family. Thank you so much Jodie.



Highly recommend Jodie at Free Yourself Holistic Wellness for the services and products she offers. Jodie has helped me work through so much over the last few years and I am so grateful to have her help in my self development, managing the roller coaster of life and emotions and for the healing she's given me. Introducing me to EFT tapping has been a game changer for me in managing so much in my life from grief, anxiety, motivation, overthinking, energy, sleep, the list is endless. Give her a go, you won't regret it!



I had an amazing reading with Jodie. The information translated was very accurate touching on current events and exploring future prospects. Jodie was so in tune and was specific with her guidance making it possible for me to look ahead with positivity. I will definitely be back!!!



Jodie is very down to earth and I took to her as soon as I met her. I have experienced Reiki from her and now Tapping for anxiety and tension headaches. I can't believe how effective doing the tapping has been. I suffer chronic headaches and have tried many different modalities but the tapping is highly effective in reducing the stress and anxiety response and tension. I would highly recommend seeing Jodie to improve your health and life.



I just finished a 30 minute Tarot Reading with Jodie and l absolutely love it!!! I have come away feeling so empowered and excited for the future. I found it so insightful and really has encouraged me to start thinking more of my future, what that looks like and how to move forward in the right direction. Would love to do another one soon.



I highly recommend Jodie at Free Yourself Holistic Wellness. She is simply amazing!

My first experience with Reiki was with Jodie. Her gentle approach calmed my nerves and helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the appointment. Jodie was a wealth of Knowledgeable and very patient with all of my queries. I also received a variety of other techniques during the session, such as tapping.

Some time after the appointment I felt lighter like the weight that I had been carrying for all theses years had finally been lifted.

I am truly grateful to have been recommended to see you and start my healing journey.
I can't thank you enough Jodie!



Walked in with my thoughts doing flips and unable to think straight… walked out with my head the clearest it’s been in a long time.
Nearly 24hrs since my session now and still feeling clear. Another thing I’ve noticed is other peoples emotional response don’t effect me... I feel I am just in myself and I’m ok with that.
Was/is exactly what I need/ed. Thank you Jodie 🙏



I just wanted to say a big thank you. Last year @ this time I saw you for Reiki and you detected something on my right ovary. I followed up with a Pap smear and something came back, I followed up with doctor she referred me to a gynecologist. After ultrasound detected a cyst /tumor. My right ovary and tubes had to come out, after being on waiting list for 5 months I had my procedure in March. Today was good news with the hospital, all cells are normal.

I'm so glad I saw you when I did. I'll be back


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